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Meet our couples (and singles)!

Well we did it, the day finally came together and it was more magical and wonderful than I could have ever imagined.

There are no words to describe this day, however these picture sums it up. A full house of LOVE in every corner and wall

Here is a teaser of our AMAZING featured women.

This is Ana and Marcelle...

These two were a sight for sore eyes. Having way too much fun together dancing around in every possible dress they could find! We didn't need a stylist telling them what to do, they were so naturally happy in each others presence we couldn't help but pop the champagne join in!

Ana and Marcelle are having a civil ceremony in November.. Wouldn’t it be the most incredible gift to give them a legalised marriage? I am so excited to share their Tropicana wedding shoot with you...

Matt & Karalee...

The constant energy these two have is out of this world...

Matt (Mystic Rufio) and Kara Lee are the artists behind the most incredible mural you ever did see at Mo's Desert Clubhouse... The mural is a love story, one beautiful love story that has no rules or definition and sees no end 💕

I can’t wait to share These two love story with you all...

All you need is the love of your life by your side, and of course your dogs too! Meika and Yaz were glowing with pure happiness and love all day that it made everyone’s heart just explode... 💕

5 minutes with these two souls and you know that golden glow they wear is an everyday look for them that’s never going to fade. So glad to have met you two and so honoured to be telling your story...

Concept & Macrame: Emilia Lorena

Venue: Mo's Desert Clubhouse Captured & coordination: Arnold Events Pots: The Borrowed Nursery Decor: The Luxe Social Floristry: Akirah Collective Dresses: Love Marie Bridal Boutique by One Day Bridal Crowns: Crowns & Wreaths

Now here are 2 badass lady lover’s you don’t want to mess with.

Your modern day Thelma and Louise, Aimee & Shay are loud, proud, passionate and will dance the whole house down... together these two same-souls are (as bukowski would say) completely mad, but completely magic... 💫

They are wild and in love and they don’t care whose watching... Their passionate and powerful and I am so incredibly excited to be working with them on this project.. keep an eye out for their story...

Concept & Macrame: Emilia Lorena

Venue: Mo's Desert Clubhouse Captured: It's all about moments Mural Artist and Shoot coordination: Matt (Mystic Rufio) and Kara Lee Dresses: Spell Designs Hair: Blow Cut & Die

Meet our so so sexy and so so saucy single lady Rasika!

After meeting this minx and hearing her wild stories of love and life, I just had to have her apart of our movement...

This brave chicka tells her story of what it’s like to be a single gay woman in today’s world.. and believe me her stories are GOLD. Stay tuned...

Concept: Emilia Lorena

Collaborators Links:

CONCEPT: Emilia Lorena

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