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Today, we celebrate!

Today at 10AM, it became a counted clear fact that majority of Australian's are in favour of same sex marriage!

FLIPPIN GREAT, we knew this, we spent 20million to confirm this, LET'S GET MARRIED!!

Unfortunately we are not through the woods yet, we have done our part, now its up to parliament to hear us and pass the legislation and sign it into law. In the past, these things have taken up to months, even years to pass, however today news from the senate states that debates could begin as early as TOMORROW!!

This in itself in an achievement and I whole heartedly believe it comes down to Australians coming together and in their own way demonstrating just how important this is to them. Never have I seen before so much active energy towards a change...

Today goes down in history, I am feeling warm, fuzzy and so very proud to be Australian! We are advancing!

After all, change is the only constant..

Today we pop the champagne and celebrate the wild thing that we call looooove ❤️

Today I am sending all my love to these 7 girls whom I had the pleasure of working with last week in a collaborative wedding shoot - doing what we do best, to say out loud YES!

Not only can these girls take a photo, but they can tell a story.

In the coming blogs, these girls bear all (skin and stories) for the love of love..

Stay Tuned....

Aimee & Shay

Ana & Marcelle

Meika and Yaz


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