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Aimee & Shay

How and when did you two meet? Full story including all the juicy details please!

A: You’ve got yourself a tinder success story here… but if we were to stretch it out, the first time we met eachother in the flesh I collected her from her house and we went and watched the sunset at fingal (on the cliffs) didn’t do much sunset watching though, we just talked and mucked around. It was all so incredibly easy, when it got dark we made a fire (I was like to myself this bitch can make a fire, imma lock that down) and we had some beers and genuinely just had a stellar time. No funny business, I actually still wasn’t sure if Shay was into girls, maybe she was just on tinder for friends? HA HA.

S: Yeah we met on a magical thing called Tinder. Our official anniversary though, like when we started to call each other “my girlfriend”, that falls on the weekend of Mardi Gras. It was the Friday night before the actual parade and we ended up sitting in the gutter after having gone out and basically were smiling like absolute fools telling each other how much we liked the other. It must’ve been pretty loud cause we gathered a little crowd of people who were like “awwww”. We had only known each other for like a month, but in the words of drunk me “when you know, you know.”

Growing up, did you ever feel like you had to hide your sexual orientation at all?

A: Never, I feel really lucky to have felt comfortable enough in my own skin that I never needed to defend myself or my interests.

S. It took me a long time to actually be open to talking about my sexuality. I came to the realization at like 15, and it wasn’t until I was 21 that I actually acted upon that attraction and starting opening up to the people in my life. When I was younger it made me feel a little self-conscious and uncomfortable and like I wouldn’t fit in. But as I grew up and became more sure of myself and who I was, I realized I had nothing to worry about.

Are either of you religious or had a religious up bringing?

How do you think religion of any form has influenced votes?

A: I went to Sunday School maybe 3 times, mainly for the choir, I loved to sing… haha

S: Technically we were classed as Christian but we weren’t practising Christians. We went to Church sometimes on holidays but that was about it. I think that the religion has always been quite vocal in their opposition of marriage equality but I’d like to believe that religious beliefs are no longer as rigid as they once were and that marriage equality and religious freedom can co-exist. At the end of the day love is what really matters.

"Advance Australia"... Australia's Motto...

How do you feel about being Australian at this particular time?

A: After today, I feel really full of comradely and spirit. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment for everyone who has stayed positive and fought tirelessly to convey the importance of love and equality. Today I feel really proud to be Australian, even if we are bringing up the rear.

S: Well technically I’m a Kiwi but we’re essentially family right? I am pretty proud to call this place my home, especially after a day like today. I think while our laws and government may be a little behind, the Aussie public is pretty open-minded or at the very least heading that way. Society is definitely progressing, and as the vote reflected, people are becoming more and more accepting.

If you could share with the world one thing about what we are fighting for, what would it be?

A: EQUAL RIGHTS and a less judgemental world. Rip the skin off of every single one of us and you won’t be able to tell us apart.

S: We’re fighting for love. Love is the most beautiful, powerful experience, and it is exactly what we as humanity should be striving for. Love in all shapes, love in all kinds. At the end of the day, it’s what really matters.

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