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Ana & Marcelle

Congratulations on your engagement! Tell us how it happened!

When we were in Brazil, I surprised Marcelle by asking her to marry me for her grandmother. It was beautiful and very moving. One of the most special days of our lives

Give us a visual of what your wedding day will look like :)

We're getting married on a permaculture farm. It will be a very simple party but made with lots of love. All our friends are participating and helping us to put together this day in the best way

Why marriage? Isn't a civil union enough?

I'll answer you with another question: If you have a mountain and you can get on top of it. Does it make sense to stop in the middle?

-Are you hoping to see the law will change in time for your wedding? If it doesn't, what is your next step towards a recognised marriage?

we will not wait for the law of australia to change. We have plans to get married in Brazil next year. This will be our next step.

-Do you see children in your future? How will you educate your children on 'love and marriage?

Yes. We have plans to have a child or adopt. But who knows?

Our daughter will have an education where the conversations will be made very clearly and honestly.

- What message do you have for people who think they might be gay?

Try to get you know yourself better that the truth will follow this process.

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