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A Glenlivet Romance

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Have you ever been in love? Honestly.Truly.Whole heartedly.

I genuinely implore you.

Love like when you watch him, watch his mannerism, watch his conversation, his degree of presence, his stories... you are mesmerised.

Whether drunk, high or sober as a ghost, the words and ways that drip from his being, are enthralling and enchanting.

Love like when he flips his hair and laughs deep and guttural, your insides swoon, your loins purr and you inner compass stirs to whatever direction he is going.

Love like when he smiles the world halts and shines.. reality shifts and shimmers, the magic of being alive twinkles like honey in his gaze and your just a witness to it all.

Love like you wanna be next to him, you wanna feel his electricity run beneath your fingertips, you want to explore every inch dot and freckle that lies under his shirt and worship the skin that houses such a delicious spirit such as his.

Love like when you sit with him, all alone, being to being, nose to nose, nothing else could exist, nothing else fucking matters, nothing else could compare to the spark and electric love that flows like a raging river between the two of you.

Have you experienced love that you feel has lasted a lifetime?

Beyond the one that your living?

That’s feels ancient and when your in his arms, there’s a sense that is unexplainable how somebody so human could feel like such home?

I wish a love like this for all people.

I hope you feel this.

I hope you live and breathe this love

Intoxicated daily by the beauty of a being you chose to share your life with.

Have you ever been in love? Honestly.Truly.Whole heartedly.

I genuinely implore you.

A Glenlivet Romance

CONCEPT & STYLING: Emilia Lorena

GROOM: Tomi Gray

BRIDE: Tayla Joy

GROOM DRESSED BY: The Gentleman's Friend

HAIR & MAKEUP: Madeline Smith MUA

WORDS: Tayla Joy

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