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Rasika Priya

Nickname? Why?

Seeks I guess it just stuck and it kinda sounds like seeeex hahaha .. occasionally I'll get laquisha (drunk alter ego)

Do you label yourself as gay? Bi? Do you even believe in labels?

I don't really believe in labels , I believe in loving the person under the gender, I've been lucky enough to have the best of both worlds, but It's hard when you don't go just one way, people will say your either not gay or not straight and sometimes not taken seriously.:.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?

I have done many MANY crazy things for love in my life, the most recent crazy thing I've experienced would have to be finding my way two hours north to meet a beautiful girl, only to be greeted with two of her other suitors,one male one female, all fighting for her affection, it was awkward, uncomfortable and definitely not what I was expecting, although she was exactly what I was looking for and easily could have fallen head over heels, I realised how CRAZY the whole situation was and had to get out of there! Safe to say I was disappointed.. but remind myself ,all is fair in love and war

Tell us what you are looking for in a partner..

The most important thing for me is having Fun! I'd need to be with someone who's Syked to travel, jump out of a plane or get on a motorbike, but also loves to chill and relax. I would love to meet someone to add to my life something I can't get from anything else .. not asking for much I know

Okay, so this dreamboat walks into your life tomorrow, how will this vote affect your happy life together?

I believe same sex marriage needs to happen to end discrimination for same sex couples.

As a lesbian couple if we ever wanted to start a family we would have equal rights, legally, financially and normalcy for any children and future generations.

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